List of products by brand GHODT

A little over 2000 years ago, a bunch of cannabis lovers got together for a brainstorming session at 4:20 a.m. and p.m.. They wanted to launch some awesome product that would be fun, affordable, and look good too! Long haired and linen clad, the hippie dudinas and dudes sat in the conference room of a small earthen den. They smoked, laughed, chilled and spooned chocolate pudding.
One guy had it pretty bad in the back and longed for relaxation and harmony. So he tried Blubba for Blubba. From the small Dabbingbong to the Hightower he smoked his way through the existing prototypes of his tribe. In the end, he was really served! He slept like a rock for two days and his buddies thought he was almost dead. But the next morning he got up and felt like a new man. The ethereal vapors of cannabis were still permeating the entire cave when a thought popped into his head. He took his papyrus scroll and a sharpie 3000 and jotted down the following verse: GHODT - Get High or Die Trying! Somehow he had to think of his old, white-haired father.... He would surely like the products as well. After that, it took many hundreds of years until he finally managed to build an online store. Stoners are just not the fastest.

GHODT is the North German brand for bongs, grinders and many other nice things that make life more enjoyable.
Get High Or Die Tryin