List of products by brand Bowantri

Bowantri has been founded for one reason only: In the eyes of the company's founder, there were no decent wooden grinders on the market. The wooden grinders available so far were rather cheaply made and had simple wooden or metal pins as grinding tools. Bowantri wanted to do better and use real wooden teeth!

In the beginning, there was the question of which wood would withstand the stress of constant grinding. The answer was an African hardwood. But how can African wood be transported to Europe in a climate-neutral way for further processing? The answer is: Upcycling!
The Merbau species is widely used in industry and can be found in fence posts, railroad tracks or wooden bridges. Due to its special hardness and high resistance to weathering, it is therefore super suitable as a material for grinders.
In addition to Smokin' Stations and ashtrays (made of wood, of course!) Bowantrie now also produces fine bong heads. Exclusively from the best FSC-certified woods. Available in Amarath, Bongossi, Olive, Padouk or Zebrano wood with Ehle precision cut. So if you already have a wooden leg or you are just interested in sustainable and thoughtful gimmicks, treat yourself to the matching wooden head!