List of products by brand actiTube

The story of actiTube starts in 1998. A doctor suggested filtering water pipe smoke with activated carbon. In the beginning, the trials were conducted with great skepticism, because a loss of active ingredients was feared, but reducing the intake of harmful substances developed a convincing motivation. After two years of experience and fine-tuning, all doubts were removed and the idea arose that all other people should also enjoy life with as few pollutants as possible.

In 2001 the company "Tune smart smoking" was founded. Many retailers were skeptical about the product. The inventors and manufacturers knew this from their own feelings during the first filtering tests. Gradually, however, the activated carbon filters made their way. In 2014, the name changed to actiTube and now the filters are even available at many gas stations.

Sustainability, fairness and attitude
The company strives to work with local partners and every actiTube product is made in Germany. This also ensures a lower CO2 impact. Meanwhile, no plastic is used in the final product. In addition, the concept of fairness applies to the company's philosophy, trade, dealings with employees, customers and partners. The producer also takes a stand on the subject of legalization. Persons of full age should be legally allowed to consume hemp. Between the ages of 18 and 22, the manufacturer recommends moderate consumption.