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Wild Palm

If you're looking for inexpensive, handmade, slow-burning Palm Rolls with natural smoke, then you should definitely try Wild Palm's blunts.

When it comes to cultivation, Wild Palm values ethics and one hundred percent quality. The Cordia leaves are rolled by hand. They contain no tobacco, no genetically modified organisms, no additives, and no unnatural toxic chemicals.

Cordia leaf rolls are completely biodegradable and pre-rolled for easy filling.

Each bag of Wild Palms comes with two palm leaves, corn husk filters and a bamboo packing stick. The flavored Wild Palms have an flavor ball located inside the corn husk filter. To disperse the flavor, you simply squeeze the filter tip. The bamboo stick makes plugging easier once you've filled the Palm Roll with your favorite smokable herb.

The Wild Palm Rolls are available in two sizes and six flavors.
The Mini size can be filled with approximately 0.75 - 1.25 grams. The leaves of the Slim variant are slightly thinner and longer and hold about 1 - 2 grams. For the flavors you can choose between Banana Cream, Blueberry, Grape, Pina Colada, Russian Cream and Strawberry/Guava. In addition, the Natural Rolls are available without flavor.

Three good reasons why you should choose Wild Palm Rolls

  • Save time - Wild Palm's Palm Rolls are much easier to fill than traditional rolling papers or blunt wraps. There's no need to fold a filter, mix and distribute herbs, lick edges to glue, etc.. This is also about talent, but many people save a lot of time and nerves here. The Palm leaves already have a filter made of corn husks and are already rolled into a perfect cone. The only thing that needs to be done is adding the herb to be smoked and discreetly tamping with the bamboo stick. Less time "building", more time smoking.
  • Flavor - For smokers who like to smoke flavored papers and blunts, the Wild Palm rolls are equipped with a flavor ball at the filter tip. The flavor is freshly released as soon as the filter is squeezed. With many flavored papers, blunts and wraps, the flavors are sprayed or infused at the factory and can lose flavor and fragrance as they are stored.
  • Slow burn - Because these Palm Rolls are made from Cordia leaves instead of tobacco, they burn much slower and less herb is wasted. You set the pace.

If you want variety from the usual cones and wraps, put the Wild Palm in your cart now.