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In 1972, designer Enric Sarda developed the world's first refillable plastic lighter for the Spanish company Flamagas, which was to shake up the monotonous market of inexpensive ignition aids: The Clipper lighter!

Due to its ergonomic shape, the Clipper lighter nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand and fits perfectly into any cigarette pack due to its rounded format. It`s effective design and the use of isobutane of the clipper lighter makes it possible to ignite a flame up 3000 !!!! times. Another feature is the stable flame, which can be further increased by tilting the lighter. This is another reason why Clipper lighters are extremely popular among pipe or bong smokers. An added bonus is the removable ignition pin; originally intended only for changing the igniter, the pin is perfect as a cloth tool for your cigarette and the like.

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What is missing to make a neatly thought-out consumer item made of plastic a real cult object? How about over 10,000 different designs and versions? From Lucky Luke to 2Pac, from unicorns to comic chickens in SM dress, whether glowing in the dark or more noble metal, the Clipper designs are really something for everyone.

So it's no wonder that there are enthusiastic Clipper collectors all over the world, who own whole rooms full of different designs. Have we already infected you? Then treat yourself to our extensive Clipper assortment with constantly fresh designs! You can become a Clippermaniac, too!

With us you can choose exactly which design you want to order from a Clipper set. You will not be sent a random design and you do not have to order a whole set or a complete sales unit.