DynaVap The 2021 Omni Vaporizer
  • DynaVap The 2021 Omni Vaporizer

DynaVap The 2021 Omni Vaporizer

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DynaVap The 2021 Omni Vaporizer

  • Portable Vaporizer
  • No electronics, no batteries
  • High quality material, precisely processed
  • Made entirely of titanium
  • Mouthpiece with notches for airflow control
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How the DYNAVAP Vaporizer works

Before you start using your DYNAVAP, you should familiarize yourself with the following points and the basic operations of your new vaporizer. However, if you already have experience with these battery-free vaporizers, you probably do not need the following informations. To get a feel for this vaporizer, first go to a quiet place.

Dry Run:

Do not put any herbs or other substances into the heating chamber. This way you avoid unnecessary residues and waste.

Heat the center of the DYNAVAP cap while rotating the vaporizer. Depending on the fire source, the time it takes to reach the optimal temperature will vary and the built-in bimetal will make a "click" sound. With a torch lighter, the signal should not take longer than 5 - 6 seconds.

Do not heat the cap further after the "click". This "click" is not only audible, but you should also be able to feel it. If you do not hear a click after 6 seconds, stop firing immediately and allow the cap to cool down. Severe overheating can permanently damage the cap.

The cooling process of the DYNAVAP cap will generate a "click" again. Now you can heat the chamber again.
Repeat this process until you are familiar with the heating and cooling reactions.

Here we go:

The cap of the vaporizer has cooled down and you want to start vaporizing, then proceed as follows. Remove the cap from the vaporizer and fill the chamber with the material of your choice. It is NOT necessary to grind the material as when using other smoking devices and consumption methods. Finely ground material will enter the device through the diffuser disc.  Replace the cap.

Heat the metal cap while rotating the vaporizer. The flame should be directed at the last third of the cap. The heat should only be applied to the side of the cap and not to the end. With the DYNAVAP vaporizer it is not like lighting a cigarette, pipe or bong. Keep turning and heating the cap until you hear/feel the "click". Heating is complete.
Now is the time to inhale. Pull on the mouthpiece.

Experiment a bit with the air hole while inhaling. Everyone has their own preferences here. With the air hole completely covered, you have the highest draw resistance and do not enrich the inhalant with more air and you hardly cool down the vapor.
Another variant is to leave the air hole uncovered and draw in evenly and slowly. Or you can cover the air hole intermittently or only lightly to get your perfect vapor-air mixture and desired vapor temperature.

Inhale and enjoy until you hear and feel the "click" again.
When the vapor starts to wear off, it's easy to get the DYNAVAP vaporizer ready to vaporize again:
a. Make sure the cap has "clicked" again when it cools down before heating it again.
b. If you are not sure if the "click" and cooling has already occurred, blow gently on the end of the cap to cool it down. It may take up to 1 minute for the bimetal to reset to the "cooled" position.
When no more desirable vapor is produced and the cap has confirmed cooling with a "click", remove the cap. The spent material can be blown out of the cap and chamber. In addition, the protruding part of the cap serves as a small shovel.

Scope of delivery
DynaVap The 2021 Omni :

  • 1 x DynaVap VapCap The Omni 2021
  • 1 x Wood and plastic protective cover (cover cap can be used as a stand)
  • 1 x Manual

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