Cone Artist - The Rolling tool for perfect cones

Cone Artist - Rolling Tool for perfect cones

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Cone Artist - Rolling tool for perfect cones

  • THE Rolling tool for perfect cones
  • The lower orange part serves as a mold for the paper.
    The grinded herbs are filled into the upper transparent filling chamber.
    The attached funnel is then used to fill the cone.
  • Great gift idea
1 - 4 Werktage

You like to smoke cigarettes with herbal ingredients for adults, but your hands are too big and you are not that skillful?
Until now, if you want to chill, you have to be able to build a doobie. This is where our Cone Artist comes into play.
With this practical rolling tool, every joint becomes a showpiece, where even Cheech and Chong hide behind the glass bong in embarrassment.
The system is very simple:

1. Grind Herbs, tobacco or brocolli and mix if necessary.
2. Insert a filter tip made of cardboard or a activated carbon filter (6mm) on the narrow side into the orange, conical tube.
3. Put longpaper around it and glue it shut. The tube automatically provides the correct shape.
4. Now pull the filter together with the paper backwards from the tube. Surprise! You have a perfectly formed cone!
5. Now push the upper transparent funnel from the top into the cone.
6. Let the herbs trickle through the funnel into the cone and remove the funnel again.
7. Put the orange tube from the top into the cone and tamp it a little bit, so that everything is well and evenly distributed.
8. Now to the most important points:
8.1. Take your shoes off!
8.2. Feets up!
8.3. Turn on the music, look out of the window or whatever you like to do while chilling.
8.4. Light it up and take off!

You find explanations with sub-items much too stressful? You are not in our store to get written instructions? Then just check out this Youtube video and see how well the turning aid works!


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